US Military Members at Risk of Water Contamination in San Diego — We Are Here to Help!

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Many people have heard about the nightmare of Camp Lejeune, where toxic water contaminated thousands of military members and their families leaving many people with life threatening injuries. However, incidents involving the USS Nimitz and other United States aircraft carriers shed light into more recent water contamination issues.


An article from Yahoo! News confirms found traces of jet fuel in the water on board the USS Nimitz. The US Navy allegedly tested the water two days before the traces were found ruling the water safe. On September 19, the USS Nimitz arrived at the Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego. Upon arrival, tested samples of the Nimitz’s wastewater were done after concerns that traces of jet fuel were in the ship’s water. Those results showed no dangerous amounts of jet fuel components.


However, on September 21, two days later, testing of water samples from the ships potable water tanks did show traces of jet fuel components. Bryan Blair, a Navy spokesperson, said that the ship began connection to San Diego’s water supply to provide fresh water to the crew. The USS Nimitz postponed its departure from San Diego for two weeks after flushing its water system of jet fuel components. (USNI News).


Unfortunately, the detection of these dangerous components in the ships water may have occurred too late. According to, five US navy sailors have begun suffering from health issues potentially related to ships water contamination.


The Navy released a statement acknowledging health concerns stating that the five sailors are being closely monitored by health officials. The statement also states the Navy has identified the direct cause of the water contamination and alleges only one of their 26 potable water tanks was contaminated.


Navy officials stated they will continue to investigate and take appropriate action if they hear any other reports of water contamination.

Symptoms of Water Contamination

With more and more water contamination issues being reported, particularly on US military bases or carriers, it’s important to know what illnesses or ailments may be caused by water contamination. Specifically, contamination from “hydrocarbons” (highly combustible jet fuel components).

These symptoms of water contamination often are underlying symptoms of serious illnesses and diseases caused by the contamination.


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and/or believe you have been in contact with contaminated water, contact Hariri Law Group for a free consultation to discuss your claim. If you were on active duty and injured, you cannot bring a claim due to the Feres Doctrine. (Feres v. United States, 340 U.S. 135). Essentially a law that states that prevents members of the armed forces who are injured while on active duty from successfully suing the federal government.


HOWEVER, efforts can be made to pass a law like they did for Camp Lejuene which created a future fund for these issues. Hariri Law Group would like to work on these contamination issues and at a minimum help potential injured victims make future claims.

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