More US Navy Members at Risk of Water Contamination

More and more instances of water contamination on US Navy ships and other military bases have been recently reported. The causes of these water contamination cases are often linked to fuel/gasoline for ships and jets. The chemicals contained in jet fuel and ship gasoline can cause serious illnesses and diseases. Many veterans believe military members have been exposed to toxic waters for decades.


There is the infamous story of Camp Lejeune. The federal government passed a new law allowing victims harmed by the water at Camp Lejeune to bring lawsuits and get compensation for their injuries. Within the new Honoring Our PACT Act, contains the Camp Lejeune Justice Act. That Act created a federal right of action for anyone to sue over any claimed exposure to toxic water at Camp Lejeune between 1953-1987. (Washington Examiner).


More recently and closer to home, the USS Nimitz delayed their deployment by two weeks due to traces of jet fuel found in the ships water. (Yahoo! News). Additionally, sailors aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln have reported that after falling ill, the Navy found traces of bacteria in the ships water. (10 News San Diego).


According to Yahoo! News, former US sailors and Marines have spoken out about their toxic water experiences. Some of the former veterans recall showers smelling of gasoline and using flavor packets to dilute the taste of fuel from their drinking water. The toxins from jet fuel or ship gasoline are extremely dangerous when they come in contact with skin or are consumed.


According to a 2017 report by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, these fuels are all flammable and smell like kerosene, and they can enter an individual’s body through skin contact, the digestive tract, or the lungs. Once jet fuel enters the body, it can spread throughout.


If you are an active military member or a veteran at risk of water contamination, please reach out to Hariri Law group for a free consultation today. If you were on active duty and injured, you cannot bring a claim due to the Feres Doctrine. (Feres v. United States, 340 U.S. 135). Essentially a law that states that prevents members of the armed forces who are injured while on active duty from successfully suing the federal government.


HOWEVER, efforts can be made to pass a law like they did for Camp Lejuene which created a future fund for these issues. Hariri Law Group would like to work on these contamination issues and at a minimum help potential injured victims make future claims. Again, please reach out to one of our experienced attorneys today!

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