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We represent clients throughout California. Our San Diego employment lawyers handle all types of employment issues.

We believe that all employees deserve a working environment that implements and follows the rules and regulations established by the federal government and the State of California. When employers violate California or federal laws, our employee rights lawyers will stand up for your rights and fight for worker protections.

Missed Meal and Rest Breaks

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California meal break and rest break laws protect employees from being overworked. Contact our experienced employee rights lawyer if you or your co-workers were not given proper meal and rest breaks.

Wrongful Termination

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If you’ve been wrongfully terminated or constructively discharged from your job, call our employment lawyers for a free consultation to discuss your case and what worker protections may be afforded you.

Failure to Pay Overtime Wages

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California state laws require employers to compensate employees for working overtime hours. If your employer is not paying your overtime wages or is making mistakes in the calculation of your overtime wages, call our employee rights lawyers.

Racial and Ethnic Harassment

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Your race or ethnicity should never be a factor at work. We should all be treated equally and with respect under the law. If you’ve been harassed due to your race or ethnicity, call us for a free consultation.

Hostile Work Environment

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Many employees would probably describe their work environment as “hostile” simply because it is unpleasant. However, there is a standard for when a workplace actually becomes hostile under the law.

Gender Discrimination

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Employees should never be discriminated against due to their gender. We have seen more and more gender discrimination claims as both men, women, and transgender clients have had the courage to come forward to address these claims.

Independent Contractors

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Recent changes in the law have greatly impacted who can and cannot be classified as an independent contractor in San Diego and throughout California. Our employment lawyers can help.

Unpaid Tips

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If your employer or manager is failing to allow you to keep all the tips that you have earned, or if they are keeping a portion for themselves, they are violating the law.

Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment continues to occur in the work place even in today’s society. If you have been the victim of sexual harassment, please call us for a free confidential consultation.

Workplace Retaliation

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Many of our clients have been retaliated against for complaining to their employers of the lack of breaks or failure to pay proper wages or overtime wages. If you have been retaliated against, please call our firm to discuss your claims.

Age Discrimination

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In California, employees over forty years old in age are protected by age discrimination laws. The Federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”) and the California Fair Employment and Housing (“FEHA”) make age discrimination in the workplace illegal federally and statewide. Unfortunately, despite age discrimination being illegal in the US, many older employees face discrimination every day.

Severance Negotiations

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Our employee rights lawyers at the Hariri Law Group have assisted a number of clients in negotiating a more favorable severance package.

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We would recommend Ramin Hariri to anyone looking for a superior personal injury attorney. We can't thank you enough. Our sincere gratitude to you and the Hariri Law Group.
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Ramin Hariri was able to take on and resolve a personal injury case for me in a relatively short amount of time, negotiating a very reasonable settlement. I would definitely recommend Ramin and his firm to others seeking legal assistance.
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Mr. Hariri knows how to get the job done efficiently. I'd 100% recommend him to my friends and family. Mr. Hariri was there for the entire process, he followed up consistently and was always available to answer all my questions. Overall an amazing attorney 10/10
Evan Shearin

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