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Our San Diego personal injury lawyers handle complex personal injury claims for our clients so they can obtain the justice and compensation they deserve.

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Your life can change forever through no fault of your own. The negligence of another party can cause you physical, emotional, or psychological injuries, which can create expensive medical bills and may hinder your ability to provide for yourself and your family. The most important step to take when you’ve been injured is talk to an attorney regarding your claim. Allow our personal injury lawyers to fight for your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve. If we don’t win, you don’t pay!

Car Accidents

firemen extracting accident victim from wrecked white ford f150
Our personal injury lawyers have represented clients in car accident cases, ranging from minor accidents to catastrophic accidents. Before you call your insurance company (or anyone else), call us to discuss your case so that your rights are adequately protected.

Big Rig Trucking Accidents

white big rig semi truck 18 wheeler

Big rig trucking accidents on freeways and city roads are some of the most catastrophic accidents, due to the size and weight of these vehicles. Our personal injury lawyers have handled all types of trucking accident cases. We have recovered millions for our clients, and aggressively pursue the at-fault drivers and the companies.

Motorcycle Accidents

closeup of handlebars of motorcycle man is riding toward sunset with palm trees

Our clients enjoy the liberating feeling of riding their motorcycles on the road, whether for weekend pleasure, or as their main source of transportation. Our personal injury lawyers have represented clients in numerous motorcycle accident cases.

Hotel Injury

hotel injuries closeup of orange hotel sign

Hotel owners and their employees have a duty to ensure that the premises of the hotel is free and clear of dangerous and potentially dangerous conditions. If you’ve been injured at a hotel it is paramount that you contact our office to begin an investigation into the matter and send a formal demand to preserve evidence, including but not limited to, incident reports, witness statements and surveillance video. If you’ve been injured at a hotel please call us for a free consultation to discuss your case!

Boating Injuries

man and lady on speed boat on the ocean
Southern California is a prime destination for outdoor activities under the sun. Southern California beaches are a hot spot for jet skis, boats, wake boarding, wake surfing, sail boats, surfing, boat cruises and parasailing. These activities are all fun to do, however, there are always inherent risks involved if individuals or entities do not follow the rules or fail to maintain safety standards.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

closeup of someone studying brain scans

Traumatic Brain Injuries, also known as TBI injuries, are very serious and life-changing injuries. If you or your loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury please call us for a free consultation.

Slip and Fall/Trip and Fall

lady in blue work uniform mopping waiting area lobby next to yellow slippery when wet sign
Slip and fall and trip and fall accidents happen all the time, and the injuries can be quite severe. They can occur at restaurants, hotels, ballparks, shopping malls, grocery stores – practically anywhere.

Defective Products

electrical appliance is broken, on fire, wires burning, short circuit

Consumers who purchase products do so believing that the product will be safe to use for themselves or for their families. No one says to themselves “Hey, purchasing this crockpot, there will be an 80% chance it will explode, I think I’ll take that risk.” This goes for every product that is available for consumers to purchase.

Nursing Home Negligence

Senior man sitting on the wheelchair alone in nursing home room
Nursing homes should be a safe place for elderly people to be taken care of. Families should feel comfortable leaving their loved ones at nursing homes and residents should have their needs met by caretakers. Unfortunately, this has not been true for many people as they have experienced nursing home negligence. According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, 15.3% of elder abuse complaints in nursing homes are for neglect. This neglect can look like a failure to administrate proper medication or isolating vulnerable residents from others.

Class Action Litigation

lawyer advising clients reviewing paperwork for legal proceedings and legal advice
Strength in numbers applies to the legal world, too. The Code of California Civil Procedure section 382 allows one or more parties to sue as a group of people against the same person, group, or corporation. These cases are called class action lawsuits, these lawsuits give a voice to all to fight for all. Class actions also save the courts time and money as they provide plaintiffs compensation for similar claims in one single case that could otherwise be multiple individual lawsuits.

Wrongful Death

Document with title Wrongful Death on a wooden surface.
The death of a loved one is a life altering event. Even more so, when the circumstances of that death are wrongful. Under California law, a death is considered “wrongful” when it results from negligent or unlawful acts of another person or party.

Many wrongful death actions also include when a person believes someone was intentionally killed. Although these cases often involve crimes, a wrongful death lawsuit is a civil action, not criminal. People often file wrongful death claims in conjunction with criminal proceedings or when there is no criminal proceeding at all in efforts of obtaining the best compensation for the death. Those that file claims in conjunction with criminal proceedings may also have better luck due to the lower burden of proof required in civil claims.

Commercial Accidents

row of white commercial delivery vans parked in parking lot

If you’ve been injured by a commercial vehicle of any kind, it is important to retain an attorney as soon as possible. Allow our experienced personal injury lawyers to be your zealous advocates and help prepare your case.

Limousine & Party Bus Accidents

white stretch limousine limo suv

Accidents continue to occur with the use and popularity of limousine and party bus travel. Due to their weight, size, and the ability for passengers to move around in them without restraints, when accidents due occur, they can be catastrophic. These types of accidents can often lead to serious debilitating injuries and sometimes death.

Flying Drone Injuries

closeup of drone with camera

The popularity of drones is on the rise as these flying machines become more affordable and easier to use. However, with the increase use of flying drones in our communities, the risk to the public also increases. If you have been injured by a drone please contact our personal injury attorneys immediately for a free consultation.

Injured by Falling Tree

tree trimmer in gear cutting tree
Falling tree branches or trees can cause serious injuries or death. More often than not, falling trees or branches strike the head of the victim causing serious traumatic brain injuries. We have represented clients who have suffered serious injuries from falling trees.

Contact us to find out what to do if you have suffered personal injury or property damage from a falling tree.

Electric Scooter Accidents

three electric scooters on a street corner
The use of electric scooters are becoming more and more popular throughout Southern California. Accidents occur between motor vehicles and scooter users all the time. These accidents can cause catastrophic injuries due to the fact that scooter users are not protected by metal surroundings like motor vehicle drivers are. Scooter injuries can be anything from a broken arm, broken leg, to severe head and brain injuries, and in some cases, even death. We’re here to represent you if you’ve been injured on a Lime scooter, Bird scooter, or any other scooter.

Injured at an Airbnb Property

row of houses

We’ve represented clients who have suffered injuries at Airbnb rental properties. If you’ve been inured at an Airbnb rental property call us for a free consultation.

Trolley Accidents

mts orange line trolley outside the westin hotel
Trolley accidents can occur anytime. Clients can be injured or even killed through no fault of their own. If you or a loved one have been injured in a trolley accident in Southern California call us to discuss your case. Let us help you obtain the compensation and justice you deserve.

Dog Bites

man's hand being bitten by a german sheppard dog
Most dogs are friendly and harmless, however, dog owners have a duty to ensure that their dogs are leashed and do not cause a danger to the public.

Dog bites can cause severe pain and disfigurement and generally require surgery and stitches. If you, your friend or a loved one have been been bitten by a dog (or any pet) belonging to another, please feel free to contact us at anytime for a free consultation to discuss your case.

Parking Ticket Class Action Lawsuit

closeup of car windshield with yellow parking violation ticket under wiper
The Hariri Law Group has filed several “parking ticket” class action complaints in Federal Courts in California. These class action lawsuits allege that certain cities in California, specifically, San Diego, Del Mar and Los Angeles (more cities may be included) have violated protected 4th Amendment rights when chalking or tagging vehicles of unconsenting vehicle owners who have parked their cars legally.

Accidents in a Lyft/Uber

lyft uber toyota hatchback
Rideshares have become the newest and easiest way to get around town. A survey done by Pew Research Center reports over a third of Americans have used a ridesharing service at least once. With its growing popularity, more and more people have found themselves in a rideshare accident.

According to a new study from the University of Chicago and Rice University, ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber have caused a 2% to 4% increase in fatal accidents since 2011. The ever-growing demand of rideshare services will likely only increase this number of accidents.

Sexual Assaults in a Rideshare

uber lyft driver looking at rideshare app
According to Ridester, the state of California has one of the highest prevalence of Uber drivers with a reported 209,000 drivers per quarter. Rideshare companies, like Uber and Lyft, have marketed their apps to offer people a safe ride home. While rideshare companies have taken many Americans from Point A to Point B safely, a recent increase of sexual assault claims in rideshares has taken place. In 2019, NPR reported Uber had received almost 6,000 sexual assault claims over the span of only two years. Unfortunately, that number only includes those reports that actually have been reported to Uber.

Accidents with Amazon Delivery Trucks

accidents with amazon delivery trucks
Over recent years, Amazon has become one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. A large portion of Amazon’s fast growth can be attributed to their incredibly fast delivery times. According to CNBC, after over 10 billion deliveries, Amazon now has 400,000 drivers worldwide. Amazon recently reported investing 12.3 billion dollars into San Diego county alone. Despite the company’s fast growth, Amazon has been criticized for prioritizing fast deliveries over road safety.

Whiplash Injuries

lady holding neck in pain after car accident
According to the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, almost 3 million American sustain whiplash injuries every year. In addition, 1.5 million Americans suffer from chronic pain due to whiplash. Although the risk of whiplash increases as you get older, children and adults may sustain whiplash.

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