The Dark Side of Autopilot Vehicles

The day has come where cars can actually drive themselves. Autonomous or autopilot vehicles are marketed to not only provide convenience, but to be a safer driving option. Self-driving car technology aims to reduce road accidents and fatalities. However according to statistics, almost 50% of Americans do not feel that self-driving cars are safe. This has lead us to ask, are self-driving cars really safe?


The National Law Review has uncovered some of the dangers of autonomous vehicles. Because of the unfamiliarity with self-driving technology, there are many unknowns when it comes to data and statistics regarding self-driving vehicles. This new and imperfect technology is one of the greatest dangers of autopilot cars. From what we know about autonomous vehicles, some dangers also include:

Fire Hazards
There have been multiple reported incidents of autonomous cars accidents resulting in long burning and uncontrollable fires. The “Lithium-Ion” batteries that power most self-driving cars is known to be highly flammable. If a collision damages a battery, there is a great risk of an explosion or large fire.
Cyber Attacks

Drivers of autopilot cars have also reported hackers taking over their vehicles and gaining access to the car’s braking and steering systems. Because self-driving vehicles rely on technology that can be hacked, this danger is a real one.

Real-Life Conditions
Many scholars and people do not trust or believe that auto driving vehicles are able to react or adjust to real and complex driving situations. Charles Perrow points to things like spilt-second decisions, changing weather conditions, and looking at other drivers as only a few conditions that would are best for a real-life driver in his book, “Accidents: Living with High-Risk Technologies.”
False Sense of Control

Although many people remain wary of self-driving cars, many people have chosen to embrace this new technology. The danger in having people put too much trust into autopilot cars is that it creates a false sense of control. As of 2022, there are no completely autonomous vehicles (driverless cars). People must remain aware even when cars are in autopilot to ensure safety.


The state of California dominates autonomous car sales in comparison to other states. The dangers of these vehicles are real. As a San Diego law firm, our attorneys are well versed in not only the dangers of autopilot vehicles, but the law surrounding the use and regulation of those vehicles. Hariri Law Group will make sure you receive compensation for any injuries you may suffer and make sure those at fault are held accountable. Contact our firm to discuss the details of your claim, we are here for you!

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