Prisoner Rights

Prisoners in the United States still hold many of the civil rights afforded to all Americans. However, due to a number of unfortunate circumstances, prisoners are often deprived of their rights. Unfortunately, many prisoners report abuse, poor living conditions, and a general lack of human decency.


Incarcerated people are human beings that are owed basic human rights. The prison system did not intend to strip the entirety of a prisoner’s rights while they are inside. A prison should not build fear and resentment towards our system.

Know Your Rights!
As a currently incarcerated individual or a loved one of a person on the inside, it’s important to understand what a prisoner should be guaranteed. Every prisoner in the US should have the following:
Every prison should be able to provide the forgoing rights to their prisoners. Prison officials have a legal duty under the Eighth Amendment to refrain from using excessive force and to protect prisoners from assault by other prisoners.
A prison facility, itself, can be a violation of a prisoner’s rights if the facility:
My Rights Have Been Violated!

If you believe that your rights have been violated in prison, there are certain steps you need to take immediately. If you have been assaulted by an officer or fellow prisoner, you need to file a grievance with the prison.

If you believe that your rights are still being violated after the grievance or that no action was taken, it’s beneficial to speak to an experienced attorney about the details of your situation. Gathering evidence and filing a lawsuit is difficult, a prison abuse lawyer can help.
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