North County San Diego High School Faces Assault Investigation

An incident occurred on August 31, 2022 inside the Vista High School varsity football locker room that has led to the school forfeiting all of their football games for the week, Fox5 San Diego reports. Vista High forfeited their freshman, junior varsity, and varsity football games.


According to a release sent out by Vista High, a cellphone video showed a 14-year-old student being assaulted in the varsity football locker room. The incident was initially reported as a sexual assault. However, the case has changed to a battery assault after further investigation from law enforcement.


The incident was first allegedly reported to Vista High’s freshman football coach who didn’t bring it to the Vista Unified School District until two days later. The freshman football coach has been let go from his position. Meanwhile, all students in the video have been taken off the team. The boys are still able and have been attending school during the investigation.


As Vista High cancels football games and after-school activities pending the investigation, students and parents have voiced grave concerns over the situation and how it has been handled.

Many students and parents have rallied against Vista High demanding justice and accountability regarding the locker room incident. Parents want to know what the school is doing to protect their children.


Students have also voiced their thoughts on the incident. Many students want all the students involved to be held accountable and don’t care what effects that may leave on extracurricular activities, like football. However, some students who play football for Vista High, but were not involved, believe it’s unfair that they are being punished through cancelled games.

The investigation at Vista High School is still ongoing.

Protecting Your Children at School

Parents constantly worry about their children being safe and free from harm. Oftentimes, parents and guardians assume that their children are being protected at school. If you believe that a school or its employees is acting negligently in keeping your child safe from injuries or sexual assaults, please contact Hariri Law Group for a free consultation to discuss the details of your claim and what compensation you may be entitled to.


San Diego schools must be held accountable for how they keep their students safe and accountable when safety is of concern. Talking to one of our experienced attorneys can help ensure those at fault are held liable. Let us get you the justice you deserve.

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