Electronic Bikes Wreak Havoc on Carlsbad Residents: City Declares State of Emergency

On August 23, 2022, the city of Carlsbad declared a state of local emergency. The city states that bicycle and e-bike accidents are up 233% since 2019. Since the beginning of 2022, there have been 57 accidents involving bicycles and e-bikes reported in the city of Carlsbad. After numerous deadly bike accidents, the city plans to increase attention and resources on the safety of electronic and non-electronic bikes.


Carlsbad’s state of emergency comes after tragic e-bike and bike accidents occurred in the city. On August 7, Christine Hawk Embree was tragically killed while riding her e-bike with her daughter in Carlsbad. The next week, on August 15, three other people were seriously injured after a motorcycle crashed into a bicycle on a Carlsbad public street.


The state of emergency allows Carlsbad to reallocate resources and expedite certain actions to address the threats that bicycles and e-bikes have caused. However, this is not the first time the City of Carlsbad has attempted to address the problems that the increasing use of bikes has caused for its residents.

In recent years, city officials have enacted laws and spent resources pertaining to the rising use of bicycles and e-bikes. However, the city has never declared a state of emergency to address the issue. It seems that Carlsbad declaring a state of emergency will allow the city to get the resources it needs to protect its residents from the new dangers of bicycles and e-bikes.


More specifically, the declared state of local emergency allows City Manager, Scott Chadwick, to redeploy resources from the city’s police, fire, transportation and community education departments to develop immediate actions to address the issues at hand. Chadwick will present his ideas on what actions are available to the City Council on August 30. The entire comprehensive plan is to be heard by the city council on September 27.


The City of Carlsbad has stated that they plan to look at range of possible solutions. The city states they will attempt to tackle infrastructure, safety, enforcement, and safe-driving education.


If you or your loved one has been injured in an e-bike accident, call us for a free consultation. It’s important that our investigators get out to the scene of the incident take photos, obtain witness statements, and document the collision scene and vehicles involved. E-bike vs. Car/Trucks can be catastrophic.


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