San Diego Slip and Fall Lawsuits

Slip and fall/trip and fall lawsuits are one of the most common types of lawsuits due to the number of these accidents that occur every year.  After car accidents, slip and falls account for the majority of injuries that end up in litigation.

Property owners have a duty to keep their premises free from any dangerous conditions.  For instance, if you are the owner of a retail store, the law requires that you do things like monitor the store periodically to make sure there are no spills on the floor.  This especially applies to businesses like grocery stores, where the potential danger of spilled liquids is high.

If you can show that 1) a defendant owned/controlled/managed a property, 2) they were negligent in the maintenance of that property, you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover damages suffered as a result of a fall.

Remember - you shouldn't feel embarrassed if you fell at store or other business.  Some people just want to "walk it off" and not have to be reminded of what happened, but it's not your fault, and it's up to the property owner to compensate you for any medical bills and pain and suffering that resulted from a failure to keep the property in a safe condition.

As with other personal injury claims in California, the statute of limitations for a slip and fall lawsuit is two years from the date of the incident.


If you've been injured because you slipped or tripped and fell at someone else's property, please contact us to speak to an injury attorney to discuss your claim.

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