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Motorcycle Accidents

A large number of motorcycle accidents are the fault of individuals driving cars and trucks – not the motorcyclist themselves. Among the common causes of motorcycle accidents:
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Here in San Diego and throughout California, another big cause of motorcycle accidents is that drivers who are stopped in traffic fail to account for lane-splitting. Oftentimes, drivers who have been a standstill for an extended period of time look to change lanes to hopefully start moving. They assume that, since traffic isn’t moving, there is little need to check behind them for oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, this leads to potentially serious accidents with oncoming motorcyclists.

Why Having an Attorney is Necessary

As we discussed here regarding underinsured motorists, many drivers in California only carry the minimum insurance required by law. When it comes to motorcycle accidents, if a car is involved, very few of them are minor accidents. It goes without saying that a passenger car or truck colliding with a motorcycle is going to likely end badly for the motorcyclist and their bike.

Many of our clients who have been in motorcycle accidents have suffered severe injuries, either from impacting the vehicle that hit them, or worse, from the force of being thrown off their bike. We’ve had clients with broken hips, broken shoulders, fractured wrists, and worse. Such serious injuries end up requiring tens of thousands of dollars of medical treatment.

Even if there are no traumatic physical injuries, oftentimes, the motorcycle itself is rendered a total loss.

If the at-fault driver only has minimum insurance coverage, in a serious accident, you are going to need to look elsewhere to be compensated for your damaged property and injuries. Our skilled attorneys can help you navigate the system and recover a fair settlement.

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