Is Your Child Being Hurt at School?

Parents send their children off to school to grow, learn, and adapt with fellow peers in a safe environment. Unfortunately, for many parents and children this has not been their experience. There are often many dangers present at schools that can cause children injuries. Most of the time, these injuries are unpreventable. However, sometimes these injuries are caused by schools and their employees failing to uphold their duty to keep children safe.

What to Do If Your Child is Hurt at School:

If you believe that your child has been harmed at school and that their injuries were caused by negligence of the school, it’s important not to waste any time. There are certain steps to take which will be pertinent to your child’s case:


1. Obtain Evidence


2. Talk to Witnesses


3. Keep All Documentation

Obtain Evidence

Take photos and videos of any injuries that your child has suffered. Remember to take pictures as symptoms/injuries progress or heal.

Talk to Witnesses

Collect statements and contact information from any witnesses to the incident in question.

Keep All Documents

Obtain documentation for any medical treatment, lost wages, or childcare costs arising from the injury. Also keep communications you receive from the school regarding the injury or incident.

California School Duties

Schools in California have a legal duty to protect children. Schools are required to provide adequate supervision for all children in their care. Some of the most common examples of schools failing to uphold their duty include:

California schools are also liable for the conduct of their employees during work. Some of the most common examples of school employees failing to uphold their duty include:

If your child has been injured as a result of a school or school employee’s negligence, it is best to reach out to an attorney to help you through your legal claim. Dealing with the legal complexities of your case is not what a family healing needs. Please reach out to one of experience attorneys at Hariri Law Group to talk through your situation.

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