Chalked or Marked Tires Lead to a Parking Ticket? – Parking Ticket Class Action Lawsuit

closeup of car windshield with yellow parking violation ticket under wiper

Chalked Or Marked Tires Lead To A Parking Ticket? – Parking Ticket Class Action Lawsuit

Did you know chalked or marked tires leading to a parking ticket may violate your protected rights? Learn more about Parking Ticket Class Action Lawsuit in response to this situation.


The Hariri Law Group has filed several “parking ticket” class action complaints in Federal Courts in California. These class action lawsuits allege that certain cities in California, specifically, San Diego, Del Mar and Los Angeles (more cities may be included) have violated protected 4th Amendment rights when chalking or tagging vehicles of unconsenting vehicle owners who have parked their cars legally.

chalked or marked tires for parking time
parking ticket car parked downtown san diego with parking ticket on windshield
parking ticket downtown san diego meter maid checking parked cars
we the people constitution scroll with american flag
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