Common Car Accident Injuries

Even if your accident may seem minor, if you are experiencing ongoing symptoms from your car accident injuries, please contact our firm to discuss your claim and how we can help you recover a fair settlement.

Car Accident Injury

Most people associate car accidents with “whiplash,” as most of us usually only experience a few minor accidents in our lifetime that result in a few days of soreness. However, even injuries that seem minor at first may slowly develop into more serious injuries if left untreated. What may seem at first just like just a small strain in your back or neck may be the sign of a more serious injury or an injury that may grow to become serious without proper treatment.

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These are the most common types of car accident injuries:

Minor Impact Soft Tissue

Known by the acronym MIST, this classification of injuries is commonly used by insurance companies as a way to indicate that they do not believe that an injury claim has significant value. Whiplash injuries are known as MIST injuries, in that they are an example of a basic soft tissue injury. Insurance companies will also look at the total value of the damage to the victim’s vehicle to determine how seriously they will treat the claim. If the vehicle has less than $1,500 in damage and the victim only has MIST injuries, odds are that an insurance company will not value the claim very highly. This is why, if you have been in what an insurance company considers a “minor” accident but you believe you have been seriously injured, it’s imperative that you contact our personal injury lawyers to help you with your car accident injury. Call Now: 858-345-6289
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