The “Perfect” Policy Demand Letter

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A well-written policy demand letter sets the tone for a personal injury lawsuit. A demand letter asks an insurance company to compensate the victim for the injuries they have sustained. The policy demand letter attempts to settle the case before a trial starts. This can save both parties and the courts time and money. If you are able to present the other party with a powerful demand letter, the party is likely to agree to your terms.
What are Policy Limits?

After being involved in an accident that has caused you harm and expense, many people wonder how they are able to get relief or compensation. That is where insurance companies come in with policy limits.

Insurance policy limits is how much compensation or benefits an insurance company will pay in the event of a potential claim. Depending on the coverage of your specific insurance plan or the other persons, the amount the company will pay varies. Likewise, different states provide minimum policy limits for their drivers.

Minimum Policy Limits in California
The state of California requires drivers to carry at least the following auto insurance coverages:
Writing the Perfect Policy Demand Letter
A perfect policy demand letter should provide a clear idea of what happened, why the defendant is at fault, and what injuries the plaintiff has suffered. A powerful policy demand letter will also likely include:
Plaintiffs/victims must make sure the demand letter is mailed with a return receipt requested.

A well-written policy demand letter sets the tone for settlement negotiations and shows adverse parties the seriousness of the claim. Many people reach out for the aid of an attorney in crafting a well written demand letter because of their importance to the outcome. Insurance companies will pay more attention when licensed attorneys are involved. Our experienced personal injury attorneys have drafted thousands of demand letters that have resulted in millions of dollars in recovery for our clients.

Additionally, we know the best strategies that can help you get the maximum relief and compensation for your injuries. Call us and set up a consultation, let our experienced attorneys help you maximize and get the best result for the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys at the Hariri Law Group will get you justice and peace of mind.
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