Product Recall Injury in San Diego?

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Product recalls happen every day in the United States. A company or manufacturer will recall a product in an effort to protect the health and safety of their customers and the general public. Recalled products are considered defective consumer products, these products can be a violation of your legal rights. This is where product liability comes in. Under California law, citizens are legally entitled to seek financial compensation for their injuries caused by a defective product.

How can parties be held liable?

In California, a party can file a product liability lawsuit against multiple liable parties to maximize the value of the claim. A claim can be brought against any manufacturer of the product, any party who assembled or installed the product, a wholesaler of the product, or a retail store that sold the product.


These different parties can be held liable for different aspects of the defective productive, including but not limited to:

What to do if you are injured by a defective product:
Step 1: Get Medical Care
If a product causes you physical or emotional injury, obtaining medical care is most important priority.
Step 2: Get Evidence

If you were injured and received medical care, make sure to keep all records you receive. In addition, compile any evidence you have that shows the defective conditions of the product. Take pictures and videos of the product and any personal or property damage the product caused.
Make sure you keep the actual defective product if you have it!

Step 3: Get Legal Help

Reaching out to an attorney will help you determine what kind of case you have, what parties are negligent, and what damages you may have.

No one should have to worry about being harmed by a product they buy. If you have been injured by a defective product or a large product recall, Hariri Law Group is here to help. Our attorneys are experienced in products liability cases and promise to help you seek recovery from your injuries. Hariri Law Group works with individuals and groups of individuals to file individual and class action lawsuits for defective products. Please reach out to our attorneys today to discuss the details of your potential claim.

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