Learn How to Get the Most Out of Your Insurance Claims!

Insurance companies want to pay out as little as they can on claims. They want to pay the bare minimum when it comes to car accident claims.


When it comes to dealing with insurance companies, it may be beneficial to learn a few tricks of the trade.

No Recorded Statements Required

Many insurance adjusters handling your claim may act as if you are obligated to give them a recorded statement when you are making a claim against another driver. Understand your rights and know that this you are not required to give a recorded statement to your insurance companies.


Keep in mind, insurance companies are likely to use any of your recorded statements as a way to lower the amount they will pay you.

Watch Out for Pre-Existing Conditions

Insurance companies will often go through any medical record you have to try to prove that you have a pre-existing condition that actually did not stem from the accident. Therefore, they don’t have to pay you for that injury anymore. Contrary to popular belief, you are not required to turn over your full medical history.


Additionally, going over what documents to send with an attorney will help decrease the chances of your insurance adjuster finding a pre-existing condition.

Get Your Settlements on Time

A sneaky tactic many insurance companies pull is waiting excessive amounts of time to offer settlements and give them out. Companies know that many of their customers are desperate for any kind of relief and that desperateness only increases as time goes by.


An experienced attorney can help ensure companies aren’t holding out on settlement offers and you are getting paid out within a reasonable amount of time.

Talk to an Attorney

As you can tell, one of the most important things to do when filing an insurance claim is talking to an attorney about the details your claim before. Insurance companies are out for themselves, their goal is to make the most money they can. They do this by charging high monthly premiums and paying out the lowest amount on filed claims.


Our attorneys at Hariri Law Group know the secrets of insurance companies and how those insured can fight for the settlements and verdicts they deserve. Don’t let your insurance company take advantage of you, contact our office today so that we can protect your interests and fight for your rights! You may not matter to the insurance company, but you MATTER TO US! Call us for a free consultation.

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