Limousine & Party Bus Accidents

We try cases involving Limousine & Party Bus Accidents accidents causing injury and death.

Limousine & Party Bus Accidents

In 2021, a woman fell out of a limo party bus in National City while the bus was heading northbound on Interstate 5. (Times of San Diego, 2021). The woman suffered life threatening injuries after she opened the rear emergency door, mistaking it for the door to the restroom. (Times of San Diego, 2021). Although party buses have been marketed as a safe, fun way to get large groups of people from point A to point B, the many dangers of party buses have become increasingly more apparent.

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As stated in their name, party buses are made for their attendants to drink, dance, and party. The inherent nature of a party bus presents many dangers for its passengers. In addition to the rowdy passengers, party buses have a minimal amount of safety regulations that they must abide by. It is not required and frequently rare that a company will inspect their vehicles for maintenance. Party bus driver and operators are frequently poorly trained in driving large vehicles and sometimes partake in the partying themselves.

Proving a Party Bus Accident Claim

In order to have a successful party bus accident claim, you will have to show that the driver or the bus company was negligent. That negligence must also be the cause of your injuries. In party bus accidents, negligence is often established through:

There are many other ways that a party bus driver or company may be negligent in causing you or any other passengers’ injuries, please contact our firm to discuss the details of your case.

Compensation for Party Bus Injuries

If you are suffering from any mental or physical injuries resulting from a party bus accident, you should be compensated for those injuries. Our firm can help you obtain monetary compensation for any medical expenses, lost wages, mental anguish, and many other ailments you may be facing.

The aftermath of a party bus accident can be devastating, we are here to help you obtain the justice you deserve.
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