Fallen Tree Injuries

Although not as common in Southern California as the rest of the country, accidents involving fallen trees can still cause series personal injury and property damage.  Trees can fail for multiple reasons: lack of water; disease, failure to prune; or external factors such as weather.

Throughout Southern California, after years of drought, a powerful storm can easily cause unhealthy trees to either lose branches or to fail completely.  When this happens in a populated area, it can cause serious damage to property such as cars and houses, as well as personal injury to individuals.

Fallen tree injuries can be more difficult because it can be unclear who is at fault.  Many trees are on public property, but they also can be in public places yet be on private property.  Or, it's possible that a private company is tasked with taking care of the trees but failed to.

Our firm has handled a number of cases involving injuries and property damage resulting from fallen trees, and we understand the ins and outs of dealing with public entities and getting these cases settled.

Courtesy KFMB-TV San Diego
Courtesy KFMB-TV San Diego

If you've been injured or suffered property damage from a fallen tree, contact our injury lawyers to discuss your case.