Boating Injuries

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Boating Injuries

Southern California is a prime destination for outdoor activities under the sun. Southern California beaches are a hot spot for jet skis, boats, wake boarding, wake surfing, sail boats, surfing, boat cruises and parasailing. These activities are all fun to do, however, there are always inherent risks involved if individuals or entities do not follow the rules or fail to maintain safety standards.
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Unfortunately, more often than not, visitors or residents engaging in outdoor activities sustain injuries when engaging in activities such as boating, jet skiing or enjoying a cruise. Injuries can include anything from slipping on the deck of a boat, injuring one’s body parts on a piece of equipment, or in worst case scenarios, suffering catastrophic injuries like losing a limb, sustaining a traumatic brain or head injury, or even death. Injuries or death can occur in any one of the following types of situations:

It’s important to contact an experienced boating accident attorney in San Diego like the Hariri Law Group. Our attorneys will aggressively and quickly begin an investigation to gather all relevant evidence and locate the at fault parties. Our attorneys will notify all relevant insurance companies of the claim and ensure that all avenues of compensation are sought. Our clients deserve the best representation, as well as honest and aggressive representation. At the Hariri Law Group, we will be by your side and never stop fighting for your rights.


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