Big Rig Truck Accidents

We try cases involving truck accidents causing injury and death.

Big Rig Truck Accidents

Truck accidents, also called “big rig accidents”, are sadly some of the most serious and dangerous accidents on the roadways. As you can imagine, when a vehicle the size of a truck impacts a standard passenger vehicle, the results can be catastrophic.

side view of big rig semi 18 wheeler truck
Large commercial trucks like big rigs weigh up to 20 times as much as the standard passenger car, which guarantees that in almost every accident involving a big rig and a standard vehicle, the standard vehicle and its passengers will suffer severe injuries and damage.

For instance, in a rear-end accident situation, even if the truck driver is able to slow his vehicle down to manageable speed at the last second, the force of impact is still going to be severe.

Commercial truck drivers are governed by a number of state and federal regulations, but these rules are often ignored by trucking companies and/or the drivers. As many people may know, truck drivers often have very rigorous and demanding schedules where even the slightest delay could be costly to them. This causes truck companies to stretch their drivers to the limit in terms of scheduling, and it causes the drivers themselves to often be driving in an unsafe manner in order to try to meet a deadlines. Federal statistics show that large trucks – like big rigs and 18-wheelers – are only three percent of the vehicles on our roads but are involved in 12 percent of traffic fatalities.

Many of our clients who have been the victims of big rig trucking accidents have suffered severe injuries, from broken bones to hip, back and neck injuries and in many cases traumatic brain injuries and even death. Our clients’ vehicles involved in these big rig trucking accidents are almost always considered a total loss due to the severity of the accident.

Causes of Big Rig and Trucking Accidents:

Why It’s Important to Have an Attorney in a Big Rig Trucking Accident

As discussed above, the injuries a victim can suffer in a big rig accident can often be far more serious than those in a normal car accident. A victim’s medical bills can be significant, and dealing with those bills requires someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in navigating the system.

In addition, there are often insurance issues and issues involving who is at fault between the individual driver, their employer, and possibly other third parties. In a serious big rig trucking accident, many times the liable parties try to pass the fault on to someone else in order to avoid paying. An experienced attorney can help you with this issue and get the proper party to pay for your damages.
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