What is Compensable?

Pain and Suffering – Injuries can cause scars, nerve damage and physical pain. Pain and suffering could also include the change in a victim’s quality of life, the medications an injured person must take, and the necessary treatments required to recover. The negative impact of these experiences is also called the “loss of enjoyment of life.”

Past and Future Medical Expenses – Personal injury victims may also be entitled to all of their medical expenses, both past and future. Past medical expenses include those that have been paid or already billed for. Future medical expenses should be demanded if continuing treatment and rehabilitation are required.

Lost Wages – A personal injury victim maybe entitled to wages lost as a result of their injuries, as well as wages that could be lost in the future, also known as “loss of profits.” (no it isn’t) Additionally, if injuries prevent you from returning to your job or pursuing a chosen career path, you may be entitled to compensation for “loss of earning of capacity.”

Loss of Consortium – An injury can often impact the health and relationship of a marriage. An uninjured spouse could recover damages relating to loss of marital benefits, including but not limited to, companionship, sexual relations, affection, and comfort.

Mental Anguish/Emotional Distress – Emotional and mental distress can arise from any injury. Common symptoms include fear, confusion, terror, humiliation, sorrow, shock, stress, grief, anxiety, and insomnia. Mental anguish and emotional distress are damages that a personal injury victim can recover.